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Counter Balance Motion (CBM) Passive Restraint

American Ergonomics Corporation’s patented Counter Balance Motion (CBM) seat technology offers a passive restraint for improved safety and comfort. Using CBM as a restraint reduces loads on the lower body, diminishes head trajectory and prevents submarining without the need for motors, controls, igniters or other cost increasing accessories. Crash tests and simulations demonstrate that CBM prevents submarining even without seatbelts and airbags. As Automated Driving Systems are adapted, there will no longer be a requirement for forward facing drivers. The CBM Seat acts as an occupant restraint to increase automotive safety regardless of how passengers are oriented.

  • Decreases injury in frontal, offset, and side impact Prevents submarining
  • Activated by momentum
  • Self adjusting for superior comfort
  • Cost savings
Achieving 5 star ratings for both driver and passenger.
— TASS International