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Technology has made society progressively more sedentary. Americans sit on an average of 14 hours per day at home, at work, in their cars or in airplanes. Conventional, static seating has proven damaging to the human being. AEC's mission is to develop and bring to market the dynamic seating technology in chairs for every application worldwide for the benefit of vast numbers of people.

AEC defines its dynamic seat concept as a seat motion mechanism that self adjusts to respond to the body's movements. It accommodates normal and dynamic posture with more support and comfort benefits. AEC's patented, ergonomic design represents the ability to provide continuous, balanced support while seated. One design, the SwingChair, is available now. The "bottom line" is seating that provides more comfort and support and increases productivity.

AEC's designs also include safer and more comfortable vehicular seating to reduce injuries and the national cost associated with these injuries. The function of the CBM Seat design is to complement body dynamics with seat mechanics. The seat manages the body through a path of motion that matches both the dynamics of frontal vehicular collision, offset and rear impacts. Upon impact, the seat cushion acts as a restraining "safety net," keeping the body from submarining and from serious injuries.

The CBM Seat technology is also applicable to airplane seating. The dynamic motion increases comfort when compared to static seating. The arcuate motion of the seat allows for more recline in the body without adding more recline to the backrest.
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