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American Ergonomics Corporation

American Ergonomics Corporation, the leader in dynamic seat technology, is licensing Counter Balanced Motion (CBM) seating solutions for vehicular and office seating. This site contains the latest information on our innovative, industry specific applications of our patented seating technology.

CBM Office Seating

The dynamic seat design concept is focused on the consideration of the many body posture changes performed during any seated task. The central goal is to provide seating support, motion, and body alignment. There are several chair designs that feature the arcuate seating motion patented by American Ergonomics Corporation. These include the Ergomax chair, and other variations.

CBM Automotive Seating

The CBM Seat offers comfort and safety in a variety of vehicles, including passengers cars, truck, and aircraft. Using the CBM seating solution as a restraint reduces loads on the lower body, as well as reducing head trajectory. The CBM Seat deploys by momentum to absorb deceleration forces on the lower body.

CBM Aircraft Seating

The Counter Balanced Motion (CBM) Seat is a dynamic mechanism that provides passive, automatic adjustment of the seat, backrest and headrest. The CBM is designed to provide comfort by supporting the motion of the seated passenger. This system is user activated without motors.

CBM Design Concept

AEC dynamic seat concept is a seat motion mechanism that self adjusts to respond to the body's movements.

About American Ergonomics Corporation

American Ergonomics Corporation is a California corporation engaged in the research and development, prototype manufacturing, patenting, and licensing of several lines of dynamic seating products for the transportation, industrial, office, and ergonomic seating markets.

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